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De belangrijke rol van de partner


Marlies Galema is a highly experienced midwife. Apart from that she took several courses, both in the Netherlands and abroad, on attachment between parents and child and the transition to parenthood.

Her vision and passion is to develop and give courses and training sessions to both (future) parents and professionals, based on a professional and realistic preparation for the delivery and parenthood, focusing on BOTH parents.

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Courses for (future) parents

Young couple looking at the ultrasound scan pictures of their unborn baby

In our courses, we prepare you both, in a realistic way, for the delivery and/or parenthood. All courses are given by specially trained midwives.


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Obstetric professionals


Aimed at professionals in midwifery/professional midwives who assist in the delivery and/or during childbed. We offer training programmes and guest lectures on preparing and supporting both (future) parents during the delivery and the first period of parenthood.


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Scientific research


Apart from giving and developing courses and training programmes, we collaborate in scientific research.


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